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5 reasons why the neutral should support Liverpool.

1.     Time for change.

In recent years Manchester and Chelsea have contested the Premier League title and the ‘top 4’ has been set in stone. The current campaign has shown that the best league in the world is also the most competitive in the world too. With the likes of Everton and Liverpool fighting amongst the leagues best it makes for exciting viewing.


  1. English.

If the Premier League were decided on only goals scored by English players counting, Liverpool would have walked away with the title. Diversity and foreign talent has its benefits, however it’s easy to forget we watch the English Premier League. With players such as Glen Johnson, John Flanagan, Raheem Sterling, Jordan Henderson and Daniel Sturridge all influencing Liverpool’s title charge, England’s World Cup hopes look brighter and brighter. Why not get behind those lads now?


  1. Steven Gerrard.

The England captain’s reaction following the 3-2 victory over Manchester City was one that football fans can relate to. He showed real passion and emotion that should be expected from all professional footballers. I would love to see the Liverpool legend lift the trophy; he deserves it.


  1. Brendan Rogers.

Brendan Rogers has shown that he is possibly the best, most tactically astute British manager in the game. His attacking philosophy is one to be admired and encouraged amongst English teams.


  1. The club, city and fans.

It has been heavily publicised in recent months what Liverpool fans have been through with the Hilsbourgh appeal, so much so the club’s magnificent history is often overshadowed by the tragic event. Throughout this the working class city, the club and fans of Liverpool Football Club have been impeccable in their behaviour and commitment to their team.