the bedroom hour

It’s all too easy to type in the same old names time after time on Spotify or iTunes, and forget to look closer to home for talented, hard working bands playing local to you… you never know what you might discover.

5- piece West London based band ‘the bedroom hour‘ truly are an example of a hidden gem in the music world. Despite their influences coming from bands such as The Doves, Boxer Rebellion and Simple Minds, they manage to produce a unique guitar/synthesized sound that makes for an addictive listen. They currently have an EP out called Themes and this compact taster gives you a real sense of a band that has worked hard to get to where they are, and it also highlights their endless potential. The soft vocals on their single ‘X Marks The Spot’ prove to be a real winner for anyone into music, whatever the genre. They are working extra hard in order to get noticed and acknowledged this year, with their U.K. Tour in 2014 taking them across the country. They travel to Coventry’s Kasbah on the 23rd of May, a night that will most definitely be worth taking the time to go to. I know the band hope to draw in a good crowd and I for one am looking forward to a top night.

the bedroom hour

the bedroom hour


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