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Can the Saints trio make Roy’s plane this summer?

Yesterday’s scintillating Southampton victory over Newcastle raised many questions for Roy Hodgson. Which of the Saints English attacking trio should make the plane to Rio this summer? In my opinion all three should be certainties.

A World Cup raises many challenges and the chemistry within an international team can often falter due to such little match time together.

However here Roy Hodgson has three ready made homegrown talents all in what appears to be the form of their lives. Rather than relying on Rooney and Sturridge to work together, why not just start Adam Lallana, Jay Rodriguez and Ricky Lambert in the opening game against Italy? The chemistry needed to break teams down is natural and instinctive between them, and they all have the quality to match.

So come on Roy…

Why not give them a chance to replicate their club form for England this summer?

The Saints trio alongside left-back Luke Shaw have shown great form this season.

The Saints trio alongside left-back Luke Shaw have shown great form this season.



Venture back into the 1980’s and the image of a man with a shaven head is one deeply associated with that of racially fuelled hate crimes and general disorder. This stems from when ‘skin heads’ were, often rightly, feared by the majority of the population. The negative stereotype connected to the image of young men having shaven heads is now one that has regrettably stuck: almost instantaneously labelled with connotations of football hooliganism and crime.


 Recently 6 close friends and myself had our heads shaved in aid of Teenage Cancer Trust; in total we incredibly raised over two thousand pounds for the charity. Our transformation in appearance is understandably quite a shock. Having all had medium/long hair before our campaign, the difference now is not one that cannot go unnoticed. We all have the same group of friends, our peers see us in school every day and our teachers are all aware of the charity efforts. However, we all spend time in varying environments outside of school. Whether it is at our personal sports teams, behind the bar in a pub, working as a lifeguard or at a major shopping outlet in our city – we all have had to be seen alone by the general public, unaware of the reasons behind our head shave. For me, this raised the question of whether people’s perceptions and attitudes towards us as individuals changed with our change in appearance.

 I went to the gym with two of my mates who had also given up their hair in the name of charity just 3 hours after the actual event, and one of the first things my friend said to me was, “Some people gave me a right dodgy look earlier.” In a matter of a couple of hours why were we now being negatively judged without good reason other than the length of our hair? The change in perceptions came almost instantly once we had been split up and taken out of our school surroundings.

 The next I noticed came when I went to buy myself beers for a party. Having always used this shop, the same man that usually greeted me with a smile on purchase asked to see my identification. He seemed wary from the moment I stepped into the shop and asked me to prove my age for the first time in about a year. (Admittedly he should have been asking!)

 So within days, however trivial the incidents may seem, we could notice differences in people’s attitudes towards us – all for raising a serious amount of money for a worthy cause. Is a severe hair cut all it takes to be treated entirely differently? 


I don’t deny I may have had the same attitude towards people of my age with shaven heads previously to our charity efforts. However I now realise how it may often be unjustified. We as a country need to change our perceptions and stereotyping of people simply on the foundations of a glance. You never know the reasons behind why a person looks like they do, so let’s not be quick in judging anyone.


the bedroom hour

It’s all too easy to type in the same old names time after time on Spotify or iTunes, and forget to look closer to home for talented, hard working bands playing local to you… you never know what you might discover.

5- piece West London based band ‘the bedroom hour‘ truly are an example of a hidden gem in the music world. Despite their influences coming from bands such as The Doves, Boxer Rebellion and Simple Minds, they manage to produce a unique guitar/synthesized sound that makes for an addictive listen. They currently have an EP out called Themes and this compact taster gives you a real sense of a band that has worked hard to get to where they are, and it also highlights their endless potential. The soft vocals on their single ‘X Marks The Spot’ prove to be a real winner for anyone into music, whatever the genre. They are working extra hard in order to get noticed and acknowledged this year, with their U.K. Tour in 2014 taking them across the country. They travel to Coventry’s Kasbah on the 23rd of May, a night that will most definitely be worth taking the time to go to. I know the band hope to draw in a good crowd and I for one am looking forward to a top night.

the bedroom hour

the bedroom hour