Jonny Be Good. (September 2011)

There’s a well-known film that states the world will end on the 21st December 2012… For a brief moment today I thought the world was ending; all set to implode on itself and soar through the sky as a burning fireball before turning into dust, leaving just one very well made New Zealand score board (possibly German-made), undamaged and floating around the universe for the rest of eternity, reading,

Argentina: 9 England: 3

But this is England at a World Cup… We were never going to make things easy for ourselves!

Something has to be wrong with the world when Jonny Wilkinson misses 5 penalties in a row?

Yes, there is no denying, that for a second, every English rugby fan experienced something they have never felt before while watching Jonny go through his usual routine before a kick… Doubt. We all felt it, some of you may even have heard the words ‘Toby and Flood’ whispered at the back of your mind.

But then you remember… you’re thinking about replacing the man who gave a nation its greatest sporting moment since 1966 with a Thomas Kuszczak look-a-like?

Although I’m only 15, I still remember England’s 2003 World cup campaign. Most vividly, that drop goal.  In my mind, no matter what, Jonny Wilkinson is the greatest rugby player ever… he certainly has given me the most memories.

Watching England’s first game of the 2011 RWC campaign today in Dunedin, it’s quite clear we are really going to need, Jonny, to be good.

English rugby’s answer to David Beckham will always be the greatest in my eyes, I’d say we can forgive him for a few missed kicks after all he has done with an England shirt on! The 10th September 2011 was a bad day at the office for Jonny, a small blip in what otherwise has been a sensational, memorable career… and long may it continue!

Wilko - 10.

Wilko – 10.


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